Services for you

  • Litigation support
  • Expert testimony
  • Scheduling / Schedule Analysis
  • Project management
  • Surety investigations
Claims Analysis
Perform delay, disruption, loss of efficiency, acceleration and termination claims analyses employing CPM schedule evaluations, bid validation, productivity studies, and cash flow and progress curve assessments. Evaluate compliance with prescribed contract requirements to establish entitlement. Quantify damages in accordance with the contract, applicable industry practices, and dictates of the governing jurisdiction. Issue expert reports detailing findings. Craft presentations supported by graphics and electronic media that are appropriate for settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration or litigation.
CPM Scheduling/Project Management
Develop and maintain CPM schedules for projects of various scopes and types. Design cost effective recovery schedules designed to mitigate prior delays while limiting inefficiency and/or premium time costs. Provide customized project management services for clients as needed. Provide seminars on schedule development, emphasizing the CPM’s ability to manage and coordinate the work, document the contractor’s intent, and chronicle and quantify changes.
Claims Prevention
Implement claims prevention programs stressing contract compliance and contemporaneous negotiation of delay, disruption, loss of efficiency and acceleration claims. Train clients on the importance of notification compliance, methods to use when identifying both direct and indirect costs associated with the claim, and the use of project records such as updated resource loaded CPM schedules, certified payrolls, daily reports and pay requisitions to establish baseline costs, measured mile cost, and quantify damages.
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Bill Noland has worked with owners, attorneys and owners in litigation support and the dispute resolution processes since 1998.

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