About Us

Noland Consulting works with Attorneys, Owners, Architects, Contractors, Subcontractors, Sureties, Suppliers and partners with other Consulting Organizations to ensure timely completion of construction projects and resolve construction disputes. In today’s construction industry maintaining a full service construction operation with a complete staff of highly competent construction professionals is cost prohibitive for most firms with responsibilities for event related issues, such as claims, being added to existing personnel. Noland works to supplement its clients’ needs by allowing them to outsource these event related construction responsibilities without having to maintain a full time staff. From Construction Management for an Owner taking on a new project to claim preparation for Contractors and assisting other Consultants to allow them to take on more clients Noland allows its clients to focus on their core business.

Our Values
All parties to a construction project have to perform in order for the project to be successful. It is often the case that disputes arise when one or more parties will not or cannot perform their contract obligations. Noland’s experience working closely with clients involved in all aspects of construction is unique. If that experience tells us that a client has failed to meet its contract obligations then so be it. We will not waste a client’s resources pursuing claims with little likelihood of recovery; but you don’t know unless you review and understand the issues.

Our Commitment
Noland is committed to providing its clients with the best information necessary for construction project completion and dispute resolution in a detailed and professional manner.
Bill Noland has worked with owners, attorneys and owners in litigation support and the dispute resolution processes since 1998.

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